Who Looks More Dominant In Juventus Vs Tottenham Game

Champions league has returned after the break,that is now into the knockout stage and best team will go the quarter final. Today’s most important game which everyone is discussing today is Juventus vs Tottenham that who looks more dominant and who have better chance of wining going into this game so without further lets look into both teams momentum.

As we know champions league have come after a break and its the first match so it will be much easier for Juventus as its their home ground even though they are not at top in Serie A. but it was because they had bad start of the season and now they are looking in good form as they have not lost from last five games.

But if we look at spurs they were at top of their table in the champions league by beating none other then defending champions Real Madrid. Not only that they have beaten arsenal last weak.
so who do you think have better chance wining today?.

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